Slide (hoverboard)

The Slide (stylized SLIDE) is a hoverboard developed by Lexus. The board has 32 Yttrium-Barium-Copper Oxide superconductors cooled by liquid nitrogen and rides on a magnetic track. Lexus built a skate park in Barcelona, Spain specifically for the SLIDE. The SLIDE was built for the scientific achievement, not for public sale.
The main focus of the SLIDE is in the levitation of the hoverboard. The levitation is achieved through the use of superconductors inside the board. Superconductors are conductors that have no internal resistance as long as they are kept below a certain temperature. When a metal has no internal resistance, that means with a current running through the metal, the current will run forever without a power source. When a superconductor is subjected to a magnetic field, essentially the superconductor aligns itself with the magnetic field and floats on top of it. The magnetic field in which the SLIDE will ride on has a magnetic pole of two south poles on the ends with a north pole in the middle. Generally with magnetic fields, the direction goes from north pole to south pole, so to simplify, the magnetic field created for the SLIDE pushes upwards in the middle and outwards equally split in both directions of the board keeping it levitating. The SLIDE maintains a hover height of about 1 to 2 inches above ground and can support about 440 pounds in weight. Superconductors only have their no internal resistance property when cooled to a certain temperature. In order to achieve this the SLIDE uses liquid nitrogen to cool it down to -197 Celsius. Even though liquid nitrogen cools down the superconductors of the SLIDE, it also boils at -197 Celsius. Because of this, it is difficult to have a constant supply of liquid nitrogen to continually cool down the superconductors, this is why the SLIDE can go for an average of 20 minutes on maximum liquid nitrogen capacity. Ross McGouran managed to get a maximum ride time of 30 minutes.
The SLIDE board itself is made of natural bamboo and carbon fibre support structures. The superconductors the SLIDE uses are composed of yttrium, barium, copper, and oxygen. The combined weight of all the components of the board is about 25.4 pounds(11.5kg). The board length comes out to be 29.5 inches.


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