Session 7 - Pondering on Research Impact and Cost


Effectiveness: Funding Agencies and their Open Access



13 November 2008, University of Düsseldorf, Germany

Moderation: Johannes Fournier (German Research Foundation)

Since it is their mission to promote research, many funding agencies support open access. Following recommendations from the Berlin 3 Open Access Conference in Southampton, agencies encourage or even require archiving articles in repositories, invest in building an open access infrastructure, and are likely to cover their fundees’ fees for publications in open access journals. To ensurethat all funded research results will be made available for free, some agencies are also prepared to pay publishers for their assistance in the deposit process. Thus the question arises whether the money invested in open access is on a par with its research impact. Representatives of funding agencies will discuss how their open access policies react to this tension and which criteria could be used to look at the balance of costs and impact.

Dieter Imboden (Swiss National Science Foundation)

Berlin 6 Open Access Conference: Theodore Papazoglou from Cornelius Puschmann