Session 6 - The Role of Scholarly Societies for Open Access

The community has come a long way to discover how crucial strong personal support from the scientists and scholars themselves is for the success of the Open Access paradigm. Scientists in turn are difficult to address as a group. Attempts have thus been made to use their institutional affiliation as an anchor point – hence the discussion about ‘mandating’ Open Access. By contrast, scholarly societies may be in a better position both as lobbying organizations and as publishers to convince their members of the benefits of Open Access. Furthermore, the legitimate costs of publishing need to be distributed between all interested parties in a sustainable way. Panel presentations and discussion will touch at such issues and will also reflect the cultural differences between the sciences and the humanities: aspects that may seem perfectly clear in a given scientific culture may not be that evident to members of another one.

Moderation: Stefan Gradmann (Humboldt University of Berlin)

Ingrid Gogolin (Hamburg University / European Educational Research Association)


Berlin 6 Open Access Conference: Gene D. Sprouse from Cornelius Puschmann