Session 4 - Open Access and Open Standards: What is their


Relation? The Microsoft Office Open XML Case

12 November 2008, University of Düsseldorf, Germany

Moderation: Christoph Bruch (Max Planck Digital Library)

The accessibility information of electronic formats is dependent of access to the appropriate software. The world of texts is dominated by the doc-format of Word the word processor of the Microsoft Office Suite. Gradually the awareness for the importance of file format standards is increasing. One important development in this respect is the creation of an ISO standard for “office” files. Since May 2006 the Open Document Format (ODF) has been accepted as ISO standard 26300. In an unprecedented decision ISO accepted a second document exchange format in March 2008: the Microsoft proposed “Office Open XML” is now registered as ISO DIS 29500. The speakers of this session will explore the relevance of standards for Open Access and will trace the causes and consequences of competing standards within ISO.

Christian Zier (Federal Office for Information Security)

Berlin 6 Open Access Conference: Christian Zier from Cornelius Puschmann