Session 3 - The Costs and Benefits of Open Access: Business


Models and Public Investment

11 November 2008, Industrie-Club, Düsseldorf, Germany

Moderation: Frederick Friend (JISC)

Toll-free access to publicly-funded research outputs brings benefits to all stakeholders in scholarly communication, authors, other researchers, research institutions, publishers, and – last but not least – the taxpayer. The cost of providing these benefits can be met through different business and economic models. This session will explore a number of different models. One speaker explores the return upon public investment in research provided by open access to research outputs. Two presentations will cover new business models for the payment of the cost of open access publishing, and the final presentation will explore the cost incurred by a research institution in maintaining a repository, in relation to the benefits to the institution from author-deposit of research publications in the repository. The session will end with a panel discussion.

We sincerely apologize, but due to technical difficulties during recording we do not have video coverage of this session

John Houghton (Centre for Strategic Economic Studies, Melbourne)

Berlin 6 Open Access Conference: John Houghton from Cornelius Puschmann