Videos & Presentations


Keynote 1: Tony Hey

Keynote 3: Philippe Aigrain

Keynote 4: Wolfram Horstmann

Keynote 5: Paul Ginsparg

Plenary Sessions

Session 1 - New Modes of Scholarly Communication: Blogs, Wikis and Web 2.0 in Academia

Session 2 - Open Access for Development, Open Access around the World

Session 3 - The Costs and Benefits of Open Access: Business Models and Public Investment

Session 4 - Open Access and Open Standards: What is their Relation? The Microsoft Office Open XML Case

Session 5 - Open Data and Reproducible Research: Blurring the Boundaries between Research and Publication

Session 6 - The Role of Scholarly Societies for Open Access

Session 7 - Pondering on Research Impact and Cost Effectiveness: Funding Agencies and their Open Access Policies