Discussion group

A discussion group is a group of individuals with similar interest who gather either formally or informally to bring up ideas, solve problems or give comments. The major approaches are in person, via conference call or website. People respond comments and post forum in established mailing list, news group or IRC. Other group members could choose to respond by posting text or image.
Whatsapp group: Whatsapp, is a mobile SMS and messaging app, it features the function of group discussion as well. Users set group chats to boost the convenience of a proper group discussion. With shared characteristics to Facebook group, the instructions are comparatively similar. Common actions for administrators include: creating group, renaming title, blocking members, deleting irrelevant information through the management.
Advantages: the implementation of Google Groups comes with its own advantages. For diverse users, it provides the service of interpreting languages widely, which helps present a better way to communicate effectively with people in different countries. Considering of storage, one group member enjoys "100 megabytes (MB)" while there are no restrictions for the whole group. It delivers convenience for group members work on projects that need considerably more storage than normal files, for example, presentations. Studies conducted by Kushin and Kitchener indicates Facebook provide users in discussion groups with more opportunities to post content that has correlation with "social, political, or sporting issues". For Whatsapp users, the communication service brings enjoyment to share ideas with comparatively low cost. Ideally, it enhanced the quality of communication regarding of its records saving, security and trustability.
Information in Discussion groups are usually archived. For example, Google's Groups (formerly DejaNews) is an archive of Usenet articles trace back to 1981. Discussion group archives are sometimes an effective way to find an answer to very ambiguous questions.


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