The Contributor (street paper)

The Contributor is a weekly street magazine published in Nashville, Tennessee, United States. The publication's content focuses on various issues such as politics, music, art, culture, sports, homelessness and poverty. It is written by local journalists as well as people experiencing homelessness or working within the homeless community. The magazine's editor is J. Holly McCall and the creative media director and designer is Megan O'Neill.
As an organization, The Contributor is a nonprofit social enterprise providing economic opportunity with dignity to people experiencing or who have experienced homelessness and poverty. Vendors purchase the magazine for $2.00 and sell to their customers for $5.00. The organization's executive director is Lauren Dougall.
In 2017, The Contributor participated in the Center for Nonprofit Management's Social Innovation Catalyst. Through the 9 month long program, The Contributor was able to develop a full business plan for sustainability and increased earning potential for vendors with input from other social enterprise leaders and industry experts. The program included in-depth planning and market research, leading to the successful transition from a newspaper to a magazine in April 2018, and to more thorough vendor programming. These changes also included a move to Room In The Inn, another local organization serving the same and similar populations, and developing a working partnership which gives Contributor vendors access to a range of services.
The Contributor is one of many street publications in the United States. Others include Real Change in Seattle, Washington and Spare Change News in Boston, Massachusetts.


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